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Zuki x Ara D-Boys Trading Card

Hello! ^^
I found this page: http://www.tic.jp/bomsite/toreca/zukiara/official/index.html
I don't undertand this very well (and I will very thankful if someone can help me to read the page) but it seems that this september Araki & Zukki will be release a trading card collection  *___*
I don't know if it can be bought by internet but I'm sure that they sell this on D-Boys shop.

I'm sorry for my very bad english. Please forgive me!

x-posted. Sorry!!

Misc. D-BOYS graphics

I made a bunch of graphics (icons, fo signs, wallpapers and WinAmp skins) featuring Araki, Nakamura, Seto and Suzuki and posted them at dekiruki


Go HERE to see it all. :D

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Icons ^^

eah,I've made some Icons here , would you mind taking a look? =^___^=
Yanagi x 3
Araki x 3
Aiba x 4
Thank you so much if you leave me a comment ^___^ (and I would be very happy if you take any of them,no need to credit ,feel free,plz )

Thank </a></b></a>pali_mari and </a></b></a>watersmeet256 for the scans
Credit to CELESTIAL-STAR.NET and aethereality.net for some of textures I used

( Click for more in my LJ,please ^^ )

Odd question...

I just watched Araki's Prince DVD, I'm slow! and I just fell in love with the music played within it. I recognized a few as old-time American songs, back when the Baby-Boomer generation was very young.

Anyways! Getting to the point, I looked at the end credits for at least a hint of the songs but couldn't find any.

I was wondering if any of you with better sources and contacts had any idea of what these songs were or if any of you possibly had them.

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Araki Translation May 12/07

Translation for Araki's blog on the 12th. Please give me a shout if any corrections are needed.

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These were just done quickly now.


I've sketched this in my graphic diary... :X hmm... LOL (nothing more to say about this)
(Well... when my draw teacher saw that he asked me if it was real... I think what he wanted to say  was if it was a person ^_^;;;... I should have told him "It's too good to be real, isn't it?" ... but I didn't XD)

Dec. 20th, 2006

Hi, I just joined here. I would just like to say how happy I am that there's a community for this lurvly guy. 
Thanks to him, I now LOVE rings (I HATED HATED them before) and does anybody know why he always wears that winged pendant?

Araki is a Spaz

Edited this for my own amusement. Thaught everyone else would enjoy too.

Crazy Amount of Icons

So I finished the rest of icons I was making...I plan to make more but thought I'll just make a huge post of all the ones I've done so far. Lots of D-boys and Katkun icons. Plus Tenimyu Icons as well. As usual credit and comment are appricated.
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A few pictures

I was in Japan during the summer and picked up this magazine. Here are the pictures of him in it that I scanned.

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